The Mobile Therapist (MT) provides psychotherapy using a

variety of strengths-based modalities as described in the child’s

treatment plan and agreed upon by the therapist and family.

The MT may utilize a number of formats which may vary

according to the individualized needs of the child.  The services

may be provided in the school setting, community or home,

wherever the interagency team determines to be the most

appropriate setting.  

Qualified applicants work with families to encourage their involvement and utilize individualized therapy to address behavioral challenges; must have demonstrated ability to submit timely documentation and meet all program/agency timelines without exception; must meet or exceed the established productivity standard for the program on a consistent basis.

Qualified applicants must have the ability to maintain a high ethical standard when performing all aspects of the position including providing accurate billing information, documentation and supervision.

Qualifications: Master’s degree in a Clinical Mental Health discipline, i.e., Psychology, Counseling, Marriage & Family therapy, Human Services, or Clinical Social Work from an accredited university or college. Master’s degree must include clinical coursework in the foundations of Behavioral Health and the provision of Mental Health Services, i.e. individual, group and family therapy; cognitive behavioral therapy; psychodynamic therapy; crisis counseling; abnormal psychology; psychopathology assessment; child development; personality theory; psychotherapy lab; clinical practicum, etc. One year of post-master’s experience providing psychotherapy/counseling to children.