Behavior Specialist Consultants (BSC’s) design and direct the                                                                           implementation of treatment plans and strategies in the school, home or                                                                 community setting. BSC’s are the training and consultative resource to                                                                     bachelor level therapists for assessments, clinical decisions, and treatment                                                             implementation and will supervise and provide on-going training to members                                                         of the treatment team providing the service directly to the child and/or family                                                         in the home, school or other community programs.

Qualified applicants work  with families to encourage their involvement and design individualized plans to address behavioral challenges; must have demonstrated ability to submit timely documentation and meet all program/agency timelines without exception; must meet or exceed the established productivity standard for the program on a consistent basis.

Qualified applicants must have the ability to maintain a high ethical standard when performing all aspects of the position including providing accurate billing information, documentation and supervision.

Qualifications: Must possess a Masters degree Human Services Field (e.g., Psychology, Social Work, Counseling) and experience in treatment of children and/or adolescents. Position requires travel to client's home and community settings; applicants must have a current drivers' license and insurance coverage. Documented training in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis and candidates with Pennsylvania Behavioral Specialist licensure preferred.